HVAC Maintenance

Protect Your Systems With Our HVAC Maintenance Services in The Catonsville, Halethorpe & Baltimore, MD Area

Avoid costly repairs - schedule HVAC maintenance today!

Preventative maintenance can help you avoid major system breakdowns and costly repairs. Regular maintenance also ensures that your HVAC system is always running with maximum efficiency and that your indoor air quality is satisfactory. In the Halethorpe & Catonsville, MD area, you can count on Tario HVAC, LLC to provide the most thorough and effective heating and cooling maintenance services. We will perform a comprehensive inspection, clean your system, and test your system to ensure it's working as it should. Keep your home or business comfortable and keep your energy bills low with the help of our HVAC maintenance specialists! Call (410) 314-1161 today to schedule your service.


  • Thorough visual inspection of the entire system
  • Cleaning of all components and removing debris/blockages
  • Checking all electrical connections and tightening/replacing as needed
  • Checking the air filter and cleaning or replacing it as needed
  • Testing and calibrating the thermostat
  • Lubricating moving parts
  • + More

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